Effects Of The Battle Of Bunker Hill

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In the Battle of Bunker Hill, even though the Colonists soldiers retreated in defeat it had it’s great effect on the British. This battle is the first and one of the most important battles during the Revolutionary war. The Revolutionary war was the war between the patriots and the British who both wanted America. The two Major Generals in this particular battle name’s were General Howe who fought for the Colonists and General Artemus Ward who of course commanded the British. But though the battle is named ‘The Battle of Bunker Hill’, it was actually fought at the base of Breed’s Hill.The Colonist learned that the British were planning on attacking Dorsher Heights to the south and Bunker Hill to the North. After hearing this news the patriot …show more content…

Suprised, General Ward ordered his men to march up the hill and attack. Tired and thirsty the Red Coats were ordered to march up to meet the Patriot troops. But wearing heavy uniforms and carrying large equipment didn’t make it any easier marching up a steep hill. Finally the British made it to the Patriot troops who were more than ready for them when they arrived. Right as the British charged General Howe called out to the soldiers “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes”. It looked as if the battle was on the Colonist side, the Red Coats were losing men fast and were extremely if not out of resources so they sent for men out of Boston. The surprise of more men took the Patriots aback and were forced to retreat. The British had won this battle with bringing in more help, but the patriot troops helped stop the attacks that would’ve gone on on June 18, 1775.In the end the British lost two hundred twenty-six men and eight hundred twenty-eight were wounded while the Rebels retreated with one hundred fifteen dead and three hundred five

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