David Mcullough 1776 Summary

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1776 by David Mcullough published by Simon and Schuster in 2005. The book contains 386 pages from cover to cover. The book is packed full with a plethora amount of information of the United States in its early making. The most important and recognizable event is the revolutionary war which has one of the longest chapters covering this event. In part two, field of battle the book covers Washington's superb leadership, the revolutions struggles and triumphs throughout the duration of the revolutionary war. He talks about the situation Washington was put in and how he dealt with them accordingly. In addition, he speaks of the struggles the soldiers had as a whole going against the red coats. Furthermore, he also talks about how the soldiers acted and what type of mindset they had during the war. To begin with, Washington was the key to winning the war on page 193 David Mcullough shows one of the …show more content…

For instance, Washington had his soldiers retreat in an orderly and stealthy fashion to go by the red coats unnoticed. This was only successful because of how he handled it if he were to panic in such a critical situation he would have gotten everyone killed ending the revolution right there making America nothing but a distant dream. Next off, on page 167 he goes into detail on how the red coats were in far better shape than they were. The British were overall a healthier group of people by a landslide. The red coats were physically stronger, had a minute amount of ailments, and they were far more organized and trained. As opposed, to the revolutionary soldiers as they were not organized, properly trained, nor healthy. Showing that fighting in this war took some real bravery. However, the one thing they had that the British did not was a reason to fight simply put will power. On page 172 the text portrays that the soldiers knew they were outnumbered and the chances of winning were almost non existent. Although, they stood their ground and fought

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