1776 David Mccullough Summary

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Brief Summary and Arrangement of the Book: The book 1776 by David McCullough is about the first year of the Revolutionary War. It depicts the hardships that the Americans faced early on in the war; deserters, being outnumbered, disease, inexperience, feelings of hopelessness and countless other things. Everyone thought that the “rebellion” was a lost cause because they were a ragtag group of men going up against the most powerful nation at the time. Although they were successful as the war was starting things went downhill for the Americans. For almost four months in every battle fought the British came out victorious:the Battle of Long Island, Fort Washington and Fort Lee.The war seemed like it was going to end quickly and the only reason it didn’t was due to the circumstances faced: storms, strong winds and decisions made. The rebels were suffering great …show more content…

Going by what could have inspired McCullough to write the book (9/11) his audience is most likely the American people. The audience is very likely American because he often shows high esteem for the Continental Army. It’s as though he is trying to show his audience how great Americans were back then. This goes in with his urgency to prove to Americans how we as a people are strong and will get through the disasters we have faced. His book also is presented in a way that most people can understand; which suggests that it’s for everyone. Although it has some high vocabulary words throughout the book readers don’t have to have a certain reading level to understand what the book is stating. McCullough quotes King George III “There must be no more misconceptions about the true intents of those deceiving the unhappy people of America” (11). Although this sentence has words that many people don’t know they can still comprehend what the King was trying to say. The book can appeal to all American audiences because it offers intellectual reading that everyone can

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