The Implication Of Women In The American Revolution

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Evodie Saadoun Trevor Kallimani Hist 210 13th October 2015 Women in the American Revolution There is a proverb that says, “The woman is born free and remains equal to men in rights”. Since the eighteenth century, women still try to be equal to men and try to be independent. During the American Revolution, women were dependent on their husband. This meant they had to cook, clean and take care of their children. They were not allowed to do what they wanted. However, in 1775, there was the American Revolution, which was started by the American people to obtain their independence because the British had increased taxes in the thirteen North America colonies. From this moment, rights of women were modified. That is why today, this war is called the war of American independence. According to the “American Revolution history” website, the conflict was between the North American colonies and the British Crown, which was represented by the colonial government. Furthermore, and according to Annette Gordon –Reed, the “American Revolution is a picture of the people who can create the Republic”, which is means that Americans fought for their freedom and independence for eight long years. During this war, women were implicated directly or indirectly. This essay will talk about the implication of women during the American Revolution in terms of political, economical and social change. Secondly, this essay will talk about the impact of the American Revolution on women with a contrast

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