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The War of 1812 During the 1800’s Great Britain had one of the strongest naval powers in 19th century. America with their strong naval powers had ran into conflict with the mighty Great Britain. In account of all the different conflicts and causes that these two countries faced it resolved in a war, the War of 1812. The War of 1812 was fought for political, patriotic, and independence reasons. The War changed British/American relations forever. The War gave American’s a historical significance that we will never forget. There were many causes for the War of 1812 to happen. Around the 19th century Great Britain and France were locked in a rough conflict with Bonaparte. In the meantime, the U.S wasn’t only trading with Great Britain, but trading with France as well. As the shenanigans continued Great Britain decides to become enemies with France. In result of the two becoming enemies Great Britain decides to block trade between the two countries. Great Britain passed the order of council in 1807 which meant neutral countries had to obtain a license from its authorities before trading with France or French colonies. In 1809, The U.S. decided …show more content…

The British had sent a lot of men that would overwhelm Americas militia and marched right into the capitol. America took a rough defeat in this battle. President Madison and his wife fled the White House just before the British came. President James Madison was the first and only President to exercise in battle as commander in chief. As British troops realized they had taken the U.S. Capitol they began to destroy it. Federal buildings, homes, and even the White House were demolished. The House of Representatives, Library of Congress, and the Capitol building were set on fire. In Nine days the British marched a force of barely 4,000 men 50 miles into the enemy homeland, defeated a field force three times its size, destroyed the public buildings of the enemy

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