The War Of 1812: The Battle Of New Orleans

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The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain on the Plains of Chalmette, the British were sent out to attempt to restrict U.S. trade and also keeping America from expanding their territory. The War of 1812 was one of many wars in the world that showed that the United States their capability to have one of the greatest naval power in The War of 1812. This war took place in the month of June, and in the year of 1812, this war continued up until February, 1815. There were many generals and commanders throughout this war, but one of the most important was Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson also was the major general of The Battle of New Orleans. Out of all the battles in the War of 1812, The Battle of New Orleans was the …show more content…

The most important is the Treaty of Ghent, this was very important because still today it confuses many, as to what really ended the War of 181. This was a treaty that was signed by the United States, and Great Britain, because it’s so important, the treaty was signed in Ghent, Belgium. This was signed before the Battle of New Orleans even really started. The United States and Great Britain signed this treaty on December 24, 1814. (1) The two sides first came to blows on December 23, when Jackson launched a daring nighttime attack on British forces bivouacked nine miles south of New Orleans. A day before the treaty was signed, those who were in battle did not know, or hear about the signing until much later. It took two weeks to reach North America and in those two weeks they were fighting in the Battle of New Orleans and did not receive until the battle was fought. Many people believe that the Battle of New Orleans is what ended the War of 1812, but they are mistaken because the Treaty of Ghent was signed before the battle took place. The second war of independence was named …show more content…

Jimmy was also a school principal in Arkansas, and he had and extraordinary passion for history. To get his students interested in history he added musical fun into it. He is recognized for historical songs, and was given a recording contract by the RCA. In this song it describe the Battle of New Orleans and its point of view from and American Solider. Throughout this song, it tells a tale of a comical attitude of what happened in the battle. This song was most popular sung by the artist Johnny Horton, with this song it has a fiddle tune. How many battles can say they have a song written for them, The Battle of New Orleans may seem not that important but it was to many

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