Was Andrew Jackson The Most Controversial President?

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“Men do not get up and do mischief, without there is someone in the head of it”Andrew Jackson is one of the most controversial presidents that the U.S has had. President Jackson was loved by the American people at the time and that he standed up for their rights and the common man. In addition, he was also a feared leader and he thought he was above the law and didn't have to follow them. Jackson was the most controversial l because he represented the good, the bad. To begin, Andrew Jackson is a controversial president because he did good things during his time as Presidency.In the tee chart that we did in class it says, The battle of New Orleans is when President Jackson won the battle of 1812 and killed 2000 british soldiers. He was called …show more content…

Some people might say that President Jackson only did good things during his time as the leader of this great nation.This is incorrect because he turned his back on the southerners and treated the native americans badly. In the picture in the DBQ packet. In this picture it shows that he is standing on top of the Constitution.This shows that he thinks that he is a king because he thinks he is above the law of the country. Andrew Jackson used more of the VETO power than all of the 6 presidents combined.In the tee chart it says,The trail of tears is when Andrew Jackson forced Indians to walk 800 miles to Oklahoma and around 8000 Indians died during this journey. He also forced the Indians out of their home. This indicates that Andrew Jackson just wanted to have the land for new western settlers so he made the indians move out of there home country to a new land that Jackson picked out specifically for them cause he went there and he knew that it was a horrible place to live because you can't grow crops because the seasons are off and on.Jackson is a bad president for very many reasons. He is a bad president but there are good things there

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