The Pros And Cons Of Andrew Jackson

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One may say that Andrew Jackson was a president of many contradictions. For one, he believed that America deserves freedom and a democracy, even though he had slaves. This, in itself, is contradicting what he wishes America to be. America as a whole needs to be able to live their life with a free will in order it to be considered free. Slaves being controlled to do people’s pity work without consent is not free, at any circumstance. Furthermore, he again contradicts his own actions by his movement Westward. Jackson, during the Revolutionary War, saved an orphan Indian child on the battlegrounds. From this, one may assume that he has a heart and cares for even people not from the same culture, but he controverted this belief later in his life. …show more content…

The reason for this is because even though he did some incredible things, some of the bad outweigh the good. For one of the impressing things that Andrew Jackson accomplished was becoming a president from a low part of society. From this, one can see that even a man of little background can rise to the top. Also, he took in an Indian child during the Revolutionary war when he was at a young age. Additionally, he won the Battle of New Orleans which protected America from Great Britain invasion. These listed reasons would make anyone a national hero, but some of the decisions he made ruined his reputation. The tariff that Jackson proposed was too high. So high that Southerners had trouble affording products, and South Carolina made a stance; they threatened to secede. If it weren’t for Henry Clay, America’s history could have ended differently then now. On top of that, Jackson enforced the Indian Removal Act. He removed families from their home because Jackson saw them as a threat, when he could have simply given them land to share with, instead of isolating them. In addition to his prejudices, he was also a slave holder. For one that preaches America to be free, he seems to be forgetting something. America is a nation full of people, and for America to be free, so does everyone that lives in America. That is why I believe Andrew Jackson should not be considered as great as he’s said to

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