Slavery In Colonial America Essay

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Slavery began long before the colonization of North America. This was an issue in ancient Egypt, as well as other times and places throughout history. In discussing the evolution of African slavery from its origins, the resistance and abolitionist efforts through the start of the Civil War, it is found to have resulted in many conflicts within our nation. In 1619, the first Africans in America arrived in Jamestown on a Dutch ship. There were 20 Africans labeled as “indentured servants.” This meant that for a period of time, the servants would work in exchange for a place to reside, as well as transportation. These indentured servants were considered to be free, despite their settlement being involuntary. Following the arrival of the first ship in America carrying slaves, slavery grew into an economic profit. The tobacco industry continued to grow but this caused a shortage of labor for tobacco planters. Because of the shortage, there was a great dependence on slavery. An operative slave …show more content…

This society was founded in Philadelphia in April of 1775. Later, in 1784, the society changed its name to the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery and the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage. The leader of this society was Anthony Benezet. Benezet was a Quaker educator who is also recognized for persuading the Quakers to create the Negro School at Philadelphia. Another positive outcome for freedom was the American Revolution. The revolution had extraordinary effects on slavery. By serving on both sides of the War, thousands of slaves won their freedom. Because of the Revolution, thousands also freed themselves by running away. Five thousand slaves in Georgia escaped, which was a third of the slavery population before the war. A quarter of the slaves in South Carolina achieved freedom.

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