Was Andrew Jackson A Good President?

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Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States, young at the time. Some believe that Andrew Jackson was a good president, but doesn’t stand out too much. Others, including me, believe that Jackson was not a pleasant person, nor president. Yes, President Jackson had some upsides during his presidency, but there seems to be more downsides . Everyone has their own opinions on this question, but let me take a second to prove to you that Jackson does not deserve the privilege to be on the 20 dollar bill. Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767, and served as the seventh president of the U.S. from 1829-1837. Andrew Jackson was a democrat and a complex individual. Jackson had a furious temper but also knew how to use it. He would slam his fists and scream to get his way. Jackson knew what he wanted to do, and did it. A good president is one who is patient, intelligent, listens to the people, and make good decisions. Jackson’s personality barely matches up with these qualities. Thomas Jefferson believed that Jackson was dangerous, and so did others. He would smoke tobacco, fire enemies, hire friends, and even threatened to hang John Calhoun, because he didn’t like him. …show more content…

All of those people re-wrote history, or did something significant. The one big thing we know Jackson did is The Indian Removal Act, which still wasn’t very big in history. Yes, he was one of the first few presidents of our young nation, but I am positive there is someone who is in our history books that has impacted history more than Jackson. Jackson held off the charter on the bank, saying it was unconstitutional because it was an unauthorized extension of federal power. Now, that bank was a major thing that went down in history, thanks to

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