Weapons In Vietnam War

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Air Defense Artillery systems were put to use during the Vietnam War era. The systems had to do more with battlefields than to protect air bases. The weapons used were to serve as a geographical benefit. Heavy firepower was used to deliver serious land warfare. Methods of Air Defense Artillery systems deployed were executed by a variety of missions. Artillery units assisted in as much as they could including battalions and other companies. Air defense Artillery sections helped defend armor, field artillery, infantry units, and airfields. Weapons were used to fire directly and indirectly, as they were designed to be used for air defense missions. The weapons made and used were the M163 Vulcan, M42A1 Skysweeper, and MIM23 Hawk, meanwhile these …show more content…

In using artillery and air power of weapons like the M163 Vulcan, M42A1 Skysweeper, and the MIM23 Hawk we were able to take down our enemies. There was 2.7 million soldiers that served in the Vietnam War. In this being said there were 58,000 that died or remained missing, and 300,000 that were wounded. More than one hundred forty billion dollars was spent on this war. The U.S failed to overcome its objective of preserving an independent, noncommunist state in Vietnam, now no one knows how or why we fought this war or weather the military outcome was possible for the United States. The Air Defense Artillery soldier are those who fought or still fight with weapons and equipment designed to combat air targets from the ground. The Army was to use this equipment in the Vietnam War. The missions of the brigade is to train and maintain a strategic crisis response. Air defense artillery brigade are capable of deploying worldwide, on short notice, to provide air defense force protection from air breathing threats and tactical ballistic missiles, as well as allowing freedom. A bombing campaign known as operation Rolling Thunder, the United States military aircraft attacked targets throughout North Vietnam. The bombing was intended to put military pressure on North Vietnams communist leaders and reduce war against U.S supported government of South Vietnam. This operation marked the first American assault on North Vietnamese territory. It also represented major expansion of United States involvement in the Vietnam War. In the end our weapons used by soldiers in Air Defense Artillery are become bigger and better as time goes

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