Why We Dropped The Atomic Bomb Dbq

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World War II introduced the most dangerous weapon in the world, the atomic bomb. When the US used it on Japan we went to far and caused unnecessary damage to the people. Many people believe this to the only truth but, the real truth is that dropping the atomic bomb was a necessary evil we had to use in order to win the war in World War II and future wars to come. It save many american soldiers lives, stopped the Soviets from joining, and helped us win against Japan. First and foremost, World War II caused many casualties for both sides of the war. And America caused many Japanese deaths. In the end we had to drop the world's most dangerous weapon in order to stop American soldiers from dying at the expense of Japanese soldiers. In document …show more content…

During the war against Japan we dropped two nukes to defeat them and many people believed that it was over the top and unnecessary because they were on the edge of giving up. Like in document 7 when James Byrnes said “Japan was essentially defeated and that we could win the war in another six months.” (James Byrnes) This was simply not true in document 2 H. H. Arnold said, “Nevertheless the abrupt surrender of Japan came more or less as a surprise; for we had figured we would probably have to drop about 4 atomic bombs” (General H. H. Arnold) this is perfect evidence of how Japan was not willing to give up easily, because he was a General and the Commander of the American Army Air Force. So, Arnold would be able to know how war works better than anyone and if he believes that Japan would need four nukes to end the war, it means they would not give up easily. We even gave Japan a warning of the incoming bomb before it happened, like in document 5 “We call upon the Government of Japan to proclaim now the unconditional surrender of all Japanese armed forces, and to provide proper and adequate assurances of their good faith in such actions. The alternative for Japan is prompt and utter destruction...” (Potsdam Declaration) The Potsdam Declaration warned the Japanese of impending doom but still they fought on without the outlook to give

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