The Argument Against Assault Weapons

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Assault weapons are dangerous to let citizens own them. Despite the danger, the government should not ban assault weapons. The danger isn’t the weapon, it’s the person wielding it. Some assault rifles hold 6 times the amount of pistols. Most pistols hold around 15-16 rounds, but an AR can hold around 30-100. Furthermore, Assault weapons should not be banned because previous bans were not effective, citizens would not be able to protect themselves, and criminals would still find weapons to use. First of all, Assault weapons should not be banned because of previous bans have not been effective. The crime rates hardly decreased in 1994 when the first AWB was put into action. For Example, in the article, “Do Local Assault Weapon Bans Work?” written…show more content…
Either from other countries, or manufacture weapons themselves. For Example, in the article, “The Assault Weapon Ban Should Not Be Reinstated”, the author states, “ Mexico has some of the strictest gun control laws on earth, yet a large number of weapons are smuggled in from other places.” Take this quote for example, mexico has strict gun laws, but there is still weapons getting into Mexico. People in America would do that. Another example from the article “Argument Against Gun Control”, the author states, “This is the newest iteration of the popular talking point that gun laws cannot work because criminals won 't follow them. As Marco Rubio often proclaimed during the primary campaign: "My skepticism about gun laws is criminals don 't follow the law.” People won’t follow laws. People will find ways to bypass laws and commit…show more content…
Supporters of gun control think that if the government bans assault weapons, America will be all candy and rainbows and there won’t be crime. Supporters think that the guns are dangerous. A hammer is just as dangerous as a gun. For Example, in the article “Arguments Against Gun Control”, it states, “ Rep. Louis Gohmert pontificated: "I refuse to play the game of 'assault weapon. ' That 's any weapon. It 's a hammer. It 's the machetes. In Rwanda that killed 800,000 people, an article that came out this week, the massive number that are killed with hammers." Any weapon can be deadly, but people want guns banned. Another example is that if there were a good guy with a gun the outcome would be different. In the same article, it states, “In this instance, however, we don 't have to ponder how different the outcome would have been had a "good guy with a gun" been present, since there was one: a police officer working extra duty. Despite being armed and exchanging gunfire with the shooter, the officer was unable to prevent him from gaining entrance to the club.” Sometimes a good guy can’t always save the day. Society today think that just because guns kill a majority of people, if the government bans them, everything in society will be perfect and there won’t be murders or a police officer can always eliminate the danger. These accusations are not true and it’s all based on the place and time. In conclusion, assault weapons should not be banned. Previous bans have not been successful,
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