Gun Fire Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered what happens when a gun fires? I have been hunting for almost all my life and I have started to wonder about this. For my science fair project I 'm going to find the reaction of explosions. I also find this interesting because I want to make guns someday. I believe that understanding the Chemistry and Physics of explosions may help me to find the answer to my question. Chemical explosions are one of the coolest things on the planet. A chemical explosion is the sudden, loud, and violent release of energy that happens when something breaks apart in a way that sends flying around(Explosion). The chemical explosions starts from the chemical reaction(Getting a Bang Out of Breath Spray). . A chemical reaction is the way someone …show more content…

The Law of Inertia is the net force of the object greater than the gravity pulling it down and it will stay at rest until something happens(Getting a Bang Out of Breath Spray). It stays at rest until an unbalanced force makes the object go into motion( Getting a Bang Out of Breath Spray.) Is it true that when the kinetic energy of a canister launched straight up is at its maximum, the potential energy is near zero, and vice versa. It is false, the potential energy reaches its maximum during flight but returns to 0 when the canister reaches the ground(Getting a Bang Out of Breath Spray). What would a graph of pressure in the canister vs. time after spark ignition look like? At the beginning it would be zero and when you ignite it the pressure rapidly increases then once it hits the ground again the pressure would decrease rapidly(Getting a Bang Out of Breath Spray). The mass of the object being launched is equal to the mass of the reactants(Helmenstin, Anne …show more content…

The energy released and make the canister goes into the air(Getting a Bang Out of Breath Spray). How is the combustion of the film canister the same of the gasoline of a car engine? The combustion from the breathspray is the same as the gasoline in a car it makes it go into motion.(Brian, Marshall). The ethanal in the breath spray when is mixed with the oxygen(Getting a Bang Out of Breath Spray). The alcohol used in most breath sprays is "specially denatured." What does it mean to denature the alcohol. It means to take away natural qualities of the alcohol and add new ones(Getting a Bang Out of Breath

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