Locker Searches Should Be Allowed In Schools

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Even though some people may disagree, random locker searches should be an issue that is enforced. Parents do not want their children in danger to due to some adolescents. Drugs and guns could be secluded and then there could be a prodigious chance of somebody getting hurt.
Having drugs at school is restricted and dangerous. It is dangerous because somebody could use some, go crazy, and hurt people. Drugs make a person insane and wacky, and that is definitely not needed at school because there is a major populace there. Also, selling or secretly putting a drug in them that they could be highly allergic to could injure or kill them easily. Drugs can kill somebody just as easy as a gun can. Random locker searches are good because of drugs and other violent weapons and chemicals. …show more content…

Certain do not have safety, and they could definitely fire at any given moment. Guns kill people and that does not need to take place. Guns are a dangerous object and if someone does not know how to operate a gun. Guns aren't something for everybody, and aren't allowed at school what so ever.
Some communities and school officials may not think that schools need locker searches, but the do. They will say that it is invading their privacy and that kids and teens should have the ability to protect and defend themselves. Guns, knives, and other dangerous or unallowed items at school should be banned, but others may not recall that they should be.
In conclusion, locker searches should be enforced because of all of the violence in our world. I hope that before long schools will have this rule. It is scary to never know when you could be in serious

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