Argumentative Essay: Should Gun Control Keep School Safe

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Gun Control keep School Safe The 21st century has brought out a lot of violence not only in the communities in general but it also puts the lives of students in school in danger. Individuals should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon if they choose to in order to be able to feel safe weather the person is a teacher or a student. The right to carry Teachers in todays society should have the right to obtain permit and carry a weapon to school if they choose to. It is said that “…every public mass shooting In the USA since 1950 has taken place where citizens are banned from carrying guns” (Lott, N.d. para. 2). Massive shootings happen where people tend to be either more vulnerable or have a least option of defending themselves. According to Lott (n.d), Joel Myrick, an assistant principal in Mississippi, ran a mile to get his gun that was stored off of school property and was able to stop the attack 11 minutes before help …show more content…

Douglas Miller with USA today (2008) states “The Palestinian gunman who attacked the Jerusalem seminary was not stopped by the police or the military, the gunman was stopped by an armed student on the roof of the study hall” (para. 1). An individual carrying a concealed weapon is likely to save a life or stop a massive shooting if the individual is armed and confident to do so. After all, the Journal of Criminal Justice Education states that “In Georgia, persons are permitted to carry a concealed weapon after the are issued a Georgia Firearms License” (Bennett & Grubb, 2012). Giving individuals the right to carry a weapon is of course a privilege, individuals who choose to carry a weapon are also choosing to apply for a permit and give their permission to check their mental state and back ground in order to keep the community

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