Should Teachers Be Allowed To Be Armed During School Hours?

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Should teachers be allowed to possess guns during school hours? Teachers should be able to possess guns during school hours because the teacher could protect the students, be able to prevent school shootings, and neutralize other threats. ¨Adam could not handle his constant bullying anymore, he felt as if he would do anything to end his struggle. Adam dug into his backpack and felt the handle of the gun he took from his father's drawer that morning. Adam looked up and saw the source of his agony sit down in a chair across the room. Adam grabbed the gun from his bag and took his aim, and pulled the trigger.¨ School violence is at an all time high. School shootings and other illegal activities are not uncommon in schools. Teachers currently are not armed, and can do very little to protect the students in their classroom. Teachers should be allowed to be armed during school hours, because they can protect their students, keep the school a safe place, and prevent other illegal activities. One hundred and twenty two school shootings have happened since the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. Twelve of the school shootings were in elementary, nine were in middle schools, thirty nine …show more content…

Violent criminals know that currently schools are gun free zones, and can use this factor to their advantage. Rather than falling victim to an attack on the school; teachers could protect themselves and their students. Students could feel much safer if their teacher was armed. Students would feel more safe if they knew they could be protected from an attack from an intruder or another student. Criminals know that teachers currently are not armed and could potentially see schools as a target. Teachers could feel more comfortable in their classrooms if they knew they could protect themselves and their students from violent threats. Schools being a gun free zone are a target for violent

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