Should Teachers Carry Guns In Schools Essay

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Emmaline Hughes Mrs. Toews English 1 4 Oct. 2015 Are guns really the safest option? Are my children safe when I send them off to school? This question is one of the many that parents are asking themselves as the new law in some states is being passed about teachers carrying firearms in their classrooms. There are definitely two sides to the argument of teachers carrying weapons in the school. One side of the argument is yes, teachers should be armed at all times. School districts in Missouri have allowed teachers to start training to carry guns with them, not long after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 (Ashtari). Ashtari claims teachers are now receiving 40 hours of training if the districts pay $17,500 to the law enforcement officers training them. Since teachers, in the certain school districts, now carry their firearms on their bodies, students can no longer hug their teacher or touch them. Missouri districts are not the only districts making plans to arm their teachers, some districts in Colorado are now looking into the possibility of arming their teachers. A particular school district, Briggsdale School, is now considering the option of arming teachers. One of their reasons of doing this is because of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting which left 20 children and six adults dead (Ferner). Another one of their reasons is that police would have to drive 20 minutes to reach Briggsdale retells Ferner. Rick Mondt, Briggsdale superintendent, relays the message that they do not want to test …show more content…

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