Should Teachers Be Allowed To Carry Guns In Schools

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. In my opinion teachers should be allowed to carry guns in school. Honestly i think teachers

should bring guns to school because you never know who will come into the school. Someone

could come into a school with a gun, what are you going to do without a gun or weapon. How

are you going to protect your students. You have to protect your students somehow. Having guns

in our school would be much safe of course with training with guns. If a teacher has the proper

training absolutely they should be allowed to carry it. They are our first line of defense and

would be able to react much faster than any police officer who isn't on scene. Saying teachers

are going to snap and be a shooter themselves is illogical. If a teacher wanted …show more content…

The really great thing is that if the school has staff that are carrying guns, it will

hopefully intimidate and discourage shooters so the teachers don't even have to use the guns,

making the school a much safer place. Think of the teachers who are injured in school shootings

trying to say their students' lives. Whether those students are 5 or 20 it does not matter. Every

person deserves the right to protect his or her self. In order to keep teachers in line, maybe do an

even deeper background check before hiring them. Would it really make a difference other than

less death in shootings? As long as the teacher provides information that they have had proper

training, everything should be fine. If you have the proper training, then you know there is no

way that someone with training would ever be stupid enough to leave a gun somewhere that

might endanger children. I think that teacher should have fire arms because in a lockdown drill

and someone broke in there would be no way of protection if teacher had no firearm and the

attacker did have a firearm. Also if 911 is called that would take way too long and by the time

the cops get there most of the students would be dead or would be bleeding out to the

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