Persuasive Essay On How To Stop School Shootings

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One day, one child, one gun, one school. Now, as saddening as it is to admit, we live in a world where school shootings are a part of everyday life, and there is nothing being done to stop them. As most can recognize, most of the media is more focus on what the President is going to say after the shootings happen, rather than focusing on what we as a nation are going to do to stop these tragic events. There have been a few ideas when it comes to solving this issue, and truthfully, most of these ideas will fall flat on their faces; meanwhile, arming teachers seems to be a possible solution. Arming teachers will deter shooters, secure students fears from outside threats, and in the worst case scenario can stop a school shooter before they can commit mass murder. First off, if we arm teachers the likely hood of a school shooter being able to successfully attack a school will be very minimal. Imagine being a school shooter, and seeing a school with perhaps 20 armed personnel, the possibility of …show more content…

If we were to arm teachers, it would make it much more challenging for a school shooter to succeed in killing innocent children. Kasey Hansen is a special needs instructor, and she one among many teachers who conceal carry at school. “I never really thought about it before Sandy Hook,” Hansen said. “It just killed me. It’s something personal when you mess with students or children. It’s as if you were messing with one of your own” (Lestch Corinne). This teacher takes her job very seriously, and when it comes to protecting her students she will do almost anything. In today’s world, we are no longer guaranteed the feeling of safety in our public schools, and if there is anything we can all agree on, is the fact that, we all want safety for our public schools, and it seems apparent that the best possible solution is arming

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