Arming Teachers In Schools

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Would it be effective to arm teachers in a school and is it possible it would reduce the chance of a school shooting such as Columbine? Arming a teacher may increase the response time for an emergency in a rural school district and would be able to provide safety. Although it can provide safety, it may be still possible that allowing teachers to hold a weapon in school grounds will also cause many risks and be very dangerous to the students or faculty in a school. In an arming teachers program, the teacher will go through 35 hours of training and will be able to maintain five classroom hours a day to gain the knowledge of holding a weapon and be certified. A teacher will be selected and unknown to others in a school district to maintain safety to their identity and safety to the students in the classroom. It can affect society by making it much more safe in a school environment and lower the risks of a tragic event like Columbine. …show more content…

This can alter many factors and perspectives of teachers and students in the school. An example of which is possibly viewing the teacher as an adult with the advantage of a handheld weapon. The teacher can use the weapon to its advantage and abuse many students or threaten them by flashing the weapon. There is many reasons why a teacher shouldn’t hold a weapon and there are many factors that should be considered before this becomes a law in each school district. Many districts in other states are allowing teachers to carry a weapon. Arming teachers is a critical debate that can be explained through Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and my own personal view of the

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