Persuasive Essay On No Guns For Teachers

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No Guns for Teachers Guns are incredibly dangerous. Why should teachers have them in schools? This is a much debated question with two very opposing opinions. All things considered, teachers should most definitely not have guns in schools because injury could be caused, it is not teachers’ jobs to protect students, and having guns on school grounds would inflict fear among the students. Thinking protectively, some schools allow teachers to have guns in the classroom. Though they have good intent, this is an extremely terrible thing to do. There are many risks that come into play when this is allowed. Injury can be caused because of these deadly weapons being present in schools. Students, who are completely capable, could take teachers’ guns and …show more content…

If this were to happen, many students would also be scared to go to school. It is also not worth the great risk that teachers could be killed in trying to protect the students, which could cause trauma among the students, which would affect in a very negative way. Teachers, as previously mentioned, would also need much training in order to protect students, which would cost a large sum of money to schools and tack on a whole new responsibility to the already hard working educators. Overall, teachers should not have guns in schools for three very important reasons. First of all, injury could be caused by students obtaining teachers’ guns. Second, it is not teachers’ jobs to protect students, as they already have so many responsibilities. They are hard working at school and don’t need more stress from having more to worry about. They are other forms of protection that schools can utilize. Lastly, fear would come upon students because of the deadly firearms in their presence. These reasons most certainly show why educators should definitely not have firearms on school

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