The Importance Of Gun Control In The United States

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As a day passed, roughly ninety six American lives are lost due gun violence, and for every one person killed with guns, two others are injured. Nearly sixty percent of all gun deaths are from suicide. In the United States alone, there were about three hundred and fifty mass shootings in 2015, killing about 450 people and wounding 1,870 people. The United States alone spends over one trillion dollars per year defending itself from terrorism, but not even this cannot be stopped. To progress their anti-person agenda, the NRA solicits money to government officials and corrupts the government with faulty statistics and false news. However, a new question rises- should the mentally ill and emotionally disturbed be allowed to have guns? Or should teachers be armed? The emotionally and mentally ill are incapable to be trusted with a weapon that can be capable of taking the life of another, and teachers should not be armed because they lack the judgement to shoot a student and training. As the topic of gun control surfaces the news and media, the gun advocating National Rifle Association (NRA) is currently in the spotlight for several reasons. The NRA is the backbone and foundation as to why the Second Amendment has been regulated so lightly and as to why almost anyone can purchase a weapon. As the mission statement of the NRA reads that it is “preserving the core values and traditions in our steadfast effort to Teach Freedom”, the NRA only defends the rights on being able to
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