Should Teachers Be Allowed To Carry Guns In School Essay

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Max Leber
Ms. Taylor
English 1 Honors
May 2023
Teachers Packing Heat According to the article “Gunfire on School Grounds in the United States”, "In 2023 there were at least 55 incidents of gunfire on school grounds, resulting in 21 deaths and 38 injuries nationally” (Gunfire). School shootings and violence are a massive, growing problem in the United States today. Therefore, elementary school teachers should be allowed to be licensed and trained to carry because of the rising school shooting instances and the safety classes that go with carrying a firearm. Elementary school teachers should be licensed to carry firearms in the classroom due to the rising yearly school shooting instances. Classrooms are becoming less and less safe every year …show more content…

According to John R. Lott, “After the Columbine school shooting 20 years ago, one of the more significant changes in how we protect students has been the advance of legislation that allows teachers to carry guns at schools… There has yet to be a single case of someone being wounded or killed from a shooting, let alone a mass public shooting” (Lott). John also stated “Fears of teachers carrying guns in terms of such problems as students obtaining teachers guns have not occurred at all.” According to John in his article titled “Teachers Should Be Armed to Prevent School Violence”, “Just as the threat of arrest and prison can deter criminals, so can the fact that victims can defend themselves” (Lott). Evidently, schools take special precautions to make sure that a firearm does not end up in the hands of a student or a …show more content…

The children and educators of the United States are dying because of intruders and shootings every day and we need to put a stop to it. The evidence is clear, schools must see to it that teachers be allowed to train, be licensed, and learn how to protect and use a firearm in their classrooms.
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