Persuasive Essay On School Shootings

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School shootings are happening much more often, and a lot of schools aren’t doing much about it. From 1999 to 2011 the average school shooting were about two to three a year, now there are close to twenty-five a year. I think that a successful way to keep school shootings from happening would be to arm our teachers. Sure, putting guns in our school could give mischievous kids more of an opportunity to make bad decisions, but I doubt it. If kids knew that there were guns in the school than they wouldn’t want to start a school shooting because they themselves wouldn’t want to get hurt. I believe that if at least one teacher from every school was allowed to have and use a firearm, then we would see little to no more school shootings. “Kids will be afraid!” This is one reason why some people believe that arming teachers would be a horrible idea. in the august chronicles, it states, “You have 12 unidentified armed teachers and you will have as safe school as could reasonably be expected. The teachers would have their weapons concealed and never shown to anyone unless needed” (Teachers should be armed). Honestly, I have grown up my entire life with guns, and I believe that they are good. We shouldn’t be afraid of guns, but rather, the people who use them. If we trust our teachers with our kids, do you …show more content…

According to The Augusta Chronicle, if there was an “active shooter” in a school, he or she isn’t going to take hostages, they’re out to kill. Anyone near enough to him to be hit by a bullet in crossfire is already in mortal danger and will be trying to get away before the “bad guy” shoots them, so the teacher that is trying to stop the “bad guy” shouldn’t worry about a student getting in the crossfire (Should Teachers Be Armed). If you are a parent of a student in a school shooting, wouldn’t you feel better if of all of the bullets flying towards your child, some were flying towards the “bad

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