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  • What Was The Difference In The Field A Cannon Tube

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    In this essay, we are going to address the difference in the Field Artillery Cannon Tubes and the positive and negative effects they have had in each war over the years including changes to the cannon tubes from the original cast iron muzzle loaded tube. Examples, being the bore rifling and the muzzle break. Advancements such as these have affected the way the Field Artillery has fought in battles such as the battle of Monmouth where the max range of guns during this era was about 1,000 yards. Today

  • How Gunpowder Changed Warfare

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    Is gunpowder one of the most influential parts that changed warfare? Warfare has changed a lot through the years gunpowder was able to change right along with it, they kept creating new weapons to adapt to the new style of warfare. There are many different things that changed warfare throughout our history, however gunpowder was one of the most effective and deadliest one. Gunpowder was created back around A.D. 850 by Chinese scientists. It was made by using the oxidizing agent potassium nitrate

  • Gunpowder Research Paper

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    invention of gunpowder was able to spread so quickly. The Moors used gunpowder cannons during the siege of Seville as early as 1248 A.D. By the 14th century Edward I, the king of England and the 'Hammer of the Scots', used cannons during battles against the ‘Scots’ while taking control of Scotland. During the 100 years war, both the English and the French used cannons against each-other. “We know as early as 1350, a hand cannon was developed that would fire projectiles with the aid of gunpowder. Gunpowder

  • Compare And Contrast The Weapons In The Civil War

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    There are many things to compare and contrast from the weapons used during the Civil War. Some are the bullets, weapons, and explosives. Though, there are way more other things like the vehicles used. But, there are also many more things to compare and contrast. First, the bullets were different. The “Minie Ball” was less accurate and harder to load. Though, to the other bullets before, it was more accurate and better. They were circular bullets that traveled in the air less further and less accurate

  • Chinese Invention Of Gun Powder During The Nineteenth Century

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    gunpowder lead to building of cannons to handheld guns. This paper talks about Chinese invention of Gun powder during the 9th century and how it evolved to other countries and leads to further inventions. Gunpowder is the first chemical

  • The Impact Of The Weapons And Armor On The Warrior's Lives

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    Medieval advances in warfare materials, and everyday inventions helped medieval people live a better life than the people before them. The lives of these people were impacted by all the inventions, and the warriors lives were changed by all the weapons and armor. This will demonstrate how the weapons and armor helped the warrior’s lives, what the weapons and armor were made of, and how the inventions changed the lives of normal citizens. All of these lives being impacted was due to all the great

  • Weapons In Colonial Times Essay

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    Weaponry has been used for thousands of years, but there were many main improvements during the Colonial Times. Weaponry evolved from the basic weapon such as a bayonet to the highly destructive cannon. Although the levels of advancement varied their purpose was all the same, to kill. They were used and still are used to fight and the Colonial Times are a big contributor to how they are used today. During the Colonial Times weapons such as muskets, rifles, and tomahawks were used and improved

  • Summary: Gunpowder Revolutionized Medieval Warfare

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    to be able to wound or kill a knight.4 Interestingly despite his dislike of early firearms, he himself utilized heavy cannons in his army.5 This could be construed as hypocritical or arbitrary but it’s better interpreted as an acknowledgement of the practical military value of cannons in the late fifteenth century. For Vitelli, the military advantage outweighed his personal

  • Gatorville: A Short Story

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    Once upon a time there was a place called Gatorville somewhere in Louisiana. But this was no ordinary group of alligators you might see basking in the sun, or reeking havoc among residential households and pools. But these alligators were civilized and were able to speak fluent English. Alligators socialized and traded with humans, and in many ways were a necessary part of everyday life. You might have seen an alligator being picked up by his uber, or some alligators buying food. This place was a

  • Essay On The Necessity Of Gun Control

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    The Necessity of Gun Control Guns hurt about nineteen children every day, where twelve children are injured and seven children are killed. These are only just children. Imagine how many more people become victims of gun violence every day. There is a lot of debate between whether or not more laws should be passed to control the ownership and manufacturing of guns in the United States. Can gun control laws reduce the amount of gun violence? The clear answer is yes. First, the suicide rate will

  • Argumentative Essay On Open Carry

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    There has been a long standing debate in America regarding open carry. Some people believe that open carry will help protect others from harm. Recently, on June 1, 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the Campus Carry Law, allowing licensed holders to carry a handgun on college and university campuses, effective next year, August 1, 2016. Gun Control laws need to be controlled, that is indeed true, proven by the 335 public shootings in the country this year alone. Open carry will not be a solution

  • The Band Duel: A Short Story

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    Upon the decks near the rear on the Arizona, crewmen engaged in the assembly procedure to present the good old red, white, and blue and raise America’s flag. The musicians aboard the Arizona, who remained in an intensity state following seeing the Band Duel semifinal round encompassing each fleet the earlier evening, tuned their instruments upon the fantail. Tiny whines became loud with no warning. A few crewmen sought their source. Solitary planes came low, one hundred feet atop the vessel’s location

  • Octavia Butler Research Paper

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    Octavia Butler demonstrates that being educated is very important for survival then food, shelter, and safety, because an education can give you all of those things. When Lauren had to leave her home she had to depend on herself to survive. She is armed with a lot of information. She knows her city like the back of her hand and most importantly, where water is, and what plants she can eat and not eat. She learned all of this information from reading books from her father’s library. That being said

  • Should Concealed Hand Guns Be Banned Essay

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    Concealed handguns can make a thief or mugger flee if you use it for self defence. Should concealed handguns be permitted because they can help bring crime. So concealed handguns should be allowed because they could benefit law abiding citizens. Did you know concealed handguns can deter crime?Murders are brought down thanks to concealed handguns by 8.5%. The reason why murders are brought down by that percent,is because crime is deterred by concealed handguns because most of

  • Why Do Americans Use Guns In Ww1

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    “ They say that guns don’t kill people, people kill people “ -Eddie Izzard. The Mp-45 was used a lot. The Americans and Australians used it. The Americans shipped most of the guns to Australia for defense and to help the U.S. in the war. This was a very neat gun because of the way it looked. It did not have really any designs and looked really weird The guy that made this gun made this gun fast and easy for war . Where they could get it and go straight to battle with no problem. This gun is

  • Should Guns Be Allowed On Campus Essay

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    Should Guns Be Allowed on College Campuses? Have you ever wondered how it would be like to know every student in your classroom carried a gun? Many worry on how this would change the college experience for everyone attending, working and visiting a campus. Guns on campus should not be permitted because it would encourage more violent crime, distraction from the learning environment, and increase in suicide. On the other hand, people for gun rights claim guns on campus are what students need to

  • Should Teachers Have Guns In Schools Essay

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    Bang, bang, children run to hide! Is this something you want the world to know about? Do you want your children to be put in a murder scene or a potential one? No? I did not think so. Why not allow teachers to carry guns if they 're able to? Even though most people think it is a horrid idea; the reality is, that increased publicity has caused people to react negatively. They need to understand that there is specialized handlers training for those teachers that do carry, background checking

  • The New Generation In Cormac Mccarthy's No Country For Old Men

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    No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy is a timeless novel pertaining to the changing of generations. One of the reasons that the story is still widely known comes from the constant change in generations whether the reader is part of the older or younger generation at the time they read the story. Even though multiple audiences believe McCarthy’s novel contains abstract ideas, the novel actually uses technology to display the change in generations through, brief conversations, consistent gun usage

  • Gun Control Persuasive Speech

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    “You won’t get gun control by disarming law-abiding citizens. There’s only one way to get real gun control: Disarm the thugs and the criminals, lock them up, and if you don’t actually throw away the key, at least lose it for a long time.” – Ronald Regan By the time you’re reading this, it’ll have been a week since a community college in Oregon has had spilled blood by yet another psychopathic killer, and another community has been torn by lost loved ones. My strongest prayers and condolences are

  • Almost A Man By Dave Saunders

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    Dave Saunders, a young seventeen-year-old plantation worker, attempts to find his self-identity. Dave, living in an impoverished area, is forced to live under the command of a plantation owner, Mr. Hawkins. Thus, this creates this strive to discover something that will resemble his growth and maturity: “One of these days he was going to get a gun and practice shooting, then they couldn’t talk to him as though he were a little boy” (Wright). In order to fulfill this goal, Dave must own a gun. Owning