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First of all, let's start from the top. The reason I dislike Halo 4 is the skill gap. More precisely, the lack of it. That's the main reason, and that echoes in all of my arguments against Halo 4 as far as multiplayer goes.That said, one of the major hindrances and the most prominent one are the aiming mechanics. I haven't quite figured out what exactly is flawed in those mechanics. Is it the aim assist, is the strafe, is it the Field of View, or a combination of those? However, that reason is irrelevant to the point I am trying to get through here. It's too easy to get kills with the precision weapons. I can only offer you my personal experience of this, but based on the fact that numerous players would also agree with me, I can only expect there to be at least some truth to my claims.But if you can get over the fact that I don't…show more content…
It, as well as all the other abilities, would also work better as a map pick-up, of course modified from how it behaves now. Map based power-ups increase the potential for power weapon control as well as map control, ending up with a more skill based experience.The maps in the game are something that is also of not very good quality. map design is at least as important in terms of skill as gameplay design. Properly designed, the map and the gameplay are in constant interaction with maps affecting how players play and the gameplay affecting how certain maps are played. Haven is amongst the better maps of Halo 4, it has something that is very important to a map of a game as movement oriented as Halo: depth of movement. It has lots of shortcuts and jumps that give the map some sort of skill gap where a skilled jumper will utilize the map design much more effectively than an unskilled one. And there is the interaction. The speed of Halo 4 allows a player to utilize the jumps on Haven effectively and that in turn makes the gameplay more

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