Argumentative Essay: Do We Need Autonomous Weapons?

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The recent technological developments and military operational demands are leading to increasing levels of autonomous weapons systems Autonomous weapons have been used in military operations. There are three categories of autonomous weapons: in the loop, on the loop, or off the loop. We mainly use in the loop and on the loop because they both need humans to operate the machines. However, off the loop is fully autonomous weapons. A fully autonomous weapon is one that can independently detect and attack targets without the need for humans.
Recently, the controversy over the future of these weapons has sparked an interest in many debates, whether to allow them or outlaw them. The result of these disputes can affect our nation, so it is of the utmost importance to create an analytically acceptable solution. To this degree, it is critically important to properly implement a solution before causing an erroneous mistake. A reasonable approach to dealing with such arduous challenges is to properly understand its benefits and the risks that caused by this debatable, but
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For example, they contribute to saving lives of combatants in the battlefield and increasing the defense system of our country by detecting and eradicating unknown anomalies. However, the most important benefactor of this technology is that the ability to not generate errors, unlike humans. Also, if we research further on this prodigious technology we can discover solutions for many problems that were not previously accounted.
Alternatively, they also have some disadvantages, such as killing innocent civilians because of its inability to comprehensibly distinguish between friends and foe. In addition, if the machines were to become rogue and destroy cities, homes, and even lives, the effects would be severe and detrimental. Moreover, who might be responsible if LAWS exterminate a child or innocent
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