Argumentative Essay On Video Games

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Over the years there has been a big controversy over whether video games are relatively good or extremely bad for children. Video games are super beneficial to a kid’s learning process and have been proven to increase social skills, productivity, and stress. The fear that video games are harmful to a child, is proven through countless experiments that they are actually great for their growth and brain capacity. Video games can increase the social skills in a child, Xbox and PlayStation provide great opportunities for cooperation and competition. Two different studies, one by Katherine Keyes and the other by Vinay Devnath, both have proved that the use of video games can increase the social skills that many children can’t grasp, “Video game playing is often a collaborative leisure time activity for school-aged children, and these results indicate that children who frequently play video games may be socially cohesive with peers and integrated into the school”( Keyes, PhD). Studies have shown that video games actually help students become social. “70% of all gamers play with someone else on the internet.”(Devnath). In addition to, children and/or adults who have stress may not have a productive outlet to help them become stress-free, but it has been proven that video games help relieve stress. According to Doctor Ferguson, ”Young adults both male and female who play violent video games long-term handle stress better than non-playing adults and become less depressed and less

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