Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay

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Bad Effects of Violent Video Games: Most of the bad effects of video games because of their violence they contain. Thus children who play more violent and dangerous video games are more likely to have increased of aggressive thoughts, behavior, feelings and decreased in prosocial helping. The effect of violence video games in children is worsened by the games’ interactive nature. For the repeated cases of violence in video games, the child is in control of the violence and experiences in his own eye by killing, kicking, stabbing and shooting in games. Too much playing of violent video game will make the kid socially isolated. Some video games teach the children the wrong values. Violent behavior, revenge and aggression are rewarded. These games confuse the children between the reality and fantasy. Some of the major negative effects of playing video games are discussed below: 1. Video Game Addiction: Video Game Addiction is now considering as mental disorder. Playing violent video games in a wide range at a “pathological” level that causes damage to family, social, school functioning. Because of addiction of playing video games will a cause of bad effects on children’s health like obesity, video induced seizures and postural, skeletal and muscular disorder such as tendonitis, nerve contraction and carpal tunnel syndrome. Research say that addiction to video games increase he depression and anxiety level. It also exhibit social prohibits and it is not surprising that video

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