Video Games Good Or Bad Essay

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Many family fights have been caused by the controversial topic on whether video games are good or bad for kids. This is a constantly growing and ongoing discussion topic in the world, and there have been many debates on whether video games are positive or negative. Most people today view video games as trouble or as violence causers. The truth is that Video games are actually good and have many positive effects. Video games are not perfect but they can improve the ability to follow instructions, to solve problems, and help increase motor skills. Video games have been in constant growth since they were first made in 1947. The first videogame that was considered to be an actual video game was pong. It consisted of moving a bar up and down as …show more content…

A great quantity of people say that video games can have a great negative impact on the social life of the player. ¨Playing video games usually does not involve a social network¨ (Barenthin). Most video games have the ability to play single player, but recently multiplayer games have started taking the lead. This means that video games used to be for only one person, but now they make it so a person can connect with many people throughout the game. This has also advanced social skills, Humans want to be in groups, and gamers can relate to each other. Besides being in the gaming community, recent games have added a feature in which one can actually chat or directly speak to other people, with this social interaction is not lost. In conclusion, video games are not perfect, but the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Even though many video games are considered violent and harsh, through the facts given, it can be concluded that they have positive effects. Video games can improve following instructions and problem solving. They can also improve many mental and motor skills. Even though video games can actually influence negatively kids, they can still improve many things. However video games can still have many positive things. Video games can clearly be seen to be beneficial, and have been greatly proven to be

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