Subculture In Video Games

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Introduction Culture and Subculture Culture is a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. (Tylor, 1871) Subculture is a different, or even opposes, the mainstream culture in society in terms of norms and values. It is formed by people sharing similar background. These people usually form their own norms, values, attitudes, and lifestyle. (Brake, 1980) In our topic, those people who work hard are culture. Gamers who play video games as daily routine are subculture. “Gamers” is an worldwide issue which worth to discuss. Culture of gamers Gamers have positive impression on games. Games act as their family. They think that playing games is their hobbies and the best way …show more content…

For the physical health, games will affect their physical fitness and increase the risk of obesity. Online games are sedentary lifestyle and with other associated behaviours during these activities like snacking and decreased sleep time. Sitting in front of computer for a long time that decrease time of exercise and movement. Obesity occurs. Beside the obesity, vision and musculoskeletal may also get problems. Prolonged use of electronic screen products causing eye and visual discomfort, blurred vision and even double vision. Also a fixed posture can cause or exacerbate musculoskeletal symptoms. For the psychosocial health, it is easy to cause addiction and cyber-bullying through playing games. As gamers spent most of time on online game and electronic screen products, it affects their daily routine such as studying and working. Also, characteristics of the current information and communication technology make cyber-bullying happen more easily, their self esteem may become lower after cyber-bullying by others. Besides, it affects the social development such as the ability to communicate with others and the sleep deprivation. As the gamers will play the game with non-sleep or sleep with 2-3 hours, it affects their consciousness and cause them easy to feel tried. Final is the increasing in aggressive behaviour. Violent content of the video and online games would have adverse effects on the behaviour of the youth. As their ability to judge are not develop well, they will easy to mix up with virtual reality and

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