Persuasive Speech About Video Games

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You know all those people that told you video games are bad for you? They were wrong. Video games aren’t bad for you, they’re actually making your life better. For years video games have been criticised for making people more anti-social, overweight, or depressed. But today researchers are finding that video games can actually change us for the better and improve both our mind and body. Which is why today I am going to persuade you that video games are beneficial not just a waste of time. In this speech I will be talking about the benefits of video games on us and why it makes our life better by explaining: First: how it helps us develop physical skills Second: its effects on our mind and brain functions Third: how it helps us socially and psychologically Now that we have seen an overview let’s start with the first reason for why I think video games are beneficial which is that video games make physical improvements on our body and help us develop physical skills. Firstly, video games improves our interaction skills which is the ability to catch, kick, and throw. ISABEL GRANIC is a Professor and chairman in the developmental psychopathology department, in the behavioural science institute at RadBoud University. She did a research where she studied the difference between the attitude of a group of people who didn’t play video games and another group of people who played interaction video games. She saw that the people who have played video games seems to have much faster

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