Argumentative Essay On Video Games Education

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Video games education is a method of teaching by using electronic games as the learning material. Teenagers from fifteen to eighteen, who have been called as “K-20 students” [1] or Net Generation since mid-1990s, playing video games as pastime leisure and expose to digital multimedia more often compare to the older generation. The issues of implementing video games education has been the subject of debate within education and sociology communities due to its appeal to contemporary students. Discussion among sociology scholars focus on the aggressive behaviour and hostility of youngsters who are involved in a video game in a great length of time and a specific type of games [2]. However, some academics argue that video game becomes an interactive learning platform of social education, especially with players verses players (PVP) games. In the view of education academics, video games may play an essential role in boosting the performance in particular subjects and the development of varying of skill [3]. While acknowledging that engaging in video games may cause a negative mental effect on the secondary school students, this essay argues that video games education should be implemented because the benefits of digital game based education would possibly become primary to the high school students because it could improve social behavior and increase academic behaviour and performance. The argument that scholars question that video games may cause negative effects on

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