Argumentative Essay: Kids Playing At A Young Age

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Have you ever played tackle football? If so you should know that playing at a young age can cause damage to brain as you get older and older. Kids that started before the age of twelve have been proven to have a damaged brain as they get older. Kids of such young age should be able to play football but maybe flag football is better to start with. For parents to keep their children safe they should not let their kids play tackle football until they are twelve. Kids also should be careful and care for their own health even it means losing their career. Kids should not let the desire of playing tackle at a young age affect their future goals. First, researchers have realize that starting football at a young age affects them as they get older and older. Kids from the age 11 and below still don't have fully developed brains and tackling, getting knock down, and always having physical contact will affect the way of how the brain will develop.The age of twelve is a very important year for the brain development. As a result former NFL players were used to study the results of …show more content…

Kids these days are very competitive and always want the best advantage they can get. Parents and their children even coaches all agree on letting the kids play at young age so it can't be so effective. The article "Study of former NFL players highlights risks of tackling too young" states that "NFL players who started playing Tackle football before age 12 performed an average of 20 percent worse on a series of cognitive tests than those who started playing tackle football after they have celebrated their 12th birthdays." This shows that Kids can keep starting at a young age and at a risk that might not affect them in the future. Kids will do anything for the extra

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