The Positive Benefits Of Video Games

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Various games are activities that have been around since the beginning of time has evolved into a technology based forum for all ages called video games. These types of games have become an extremely popular activity and are a big part of a lot of people’s everyday lives. Instead of looking at video games as a leisurely hobby that one plays in their spare time, it is now looked as a positive benefit for people to play. Playing video games are beneficial, according to some studies they can develop cognitive skills, create social connections, and stimulate creativity. The subject of video games has a lot of critics and can be a very passionate subject for parents of children who spend a lot of their time on video games. It has been a popular saying that video games keep children indoors and not outside receiving exercise. Another negative point about video games is that it keeps them away from developing social skills and it “Melts your brain,” a direct quote from my mother. One thing that can be agreed upon is that they are distracting from doing responsibilities like homework and chores, because anything is better then mundane responsibilities of a child. While parents claim that video games are taking over their children’s lives while negatively impacting their mind, body, and social life; have they really looked into the positive impacts it has on their children? Yes, video games are a new way for younger people to fill their time with, but just because it was not how

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