Effects Of Video Games On Children

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Introduction and background of the issue Video games, use of computers and Wii games are extensively used by the youth of every nation. These new world accessories have become a menace for the health of children and this issue has been studied in many researches. Researches also highlighted that excessive use of video, computer and Wii games have detrimental effects on the health of children (RSK, 2014). However, Wii and Xbox games keep children pretty much in action but there are a lot of games which keep the children sitting for hours with poor posture. Many such issues have caused severe back problems in children and thus, several researches concluded that playing too much video games and spending half or more of the day in front of video games and screens causes psychological problems along with physical problems in children. The following research paper is about the detrimental effects which video, computer and Wii games have on children’s health. Upon analysis of this issue statement, the impact it has on children will be discussed to show how it affects the well- being of children. Support and refutation of the same issue statement will also be provided in this paper to provide evidence of the research findings in this context. Approaching the end of this paper, personal view point will also discussed followed by few recommendations which are given to improve health or well- being of children who are too much involved video games. Impact of the issue on children’s

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