Gamers Club Persuasive Speech

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Did you know that 1.2 billion people are playing games world wide? Even if you aren 't a gamer or has never played a video game you should consider joining gamers club. This club is an all year club that is every friday in Dr. shunks room. There are not a lot of members in this group and it would be great if more would join, by the way it is a great way to meet new people. You might be wondering what do you do in gamers club. Easy. All you do is eat your lunch, talk to your friends (if you bring any) and relax while playing videos with other people. It’s not at all boring and the people there are nice and they 're not the stereotypical gamer that has nacho cheese on their shirt. “Gamers club is an enjoyable, fun, and a great club to join”

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