Psychological Effects Of Video Games Essay

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Video games Video games can cause negative psychological effect such as self-control, anxiety, depression, aggressiveness and confusion. These effects could endanger the future of adolescence as they’re still part of the growth and development stage. The addictiveness of video games could further increase these negative benefits. Playing video games supports teenagers to do crimes as they are rewarded for doing so. For example, in Grand Theft Auto or GTA, the player is awarded for doing missions, missions which instructs the player to steal, to drive recklessly, to fight, to shoot and to kill. After a mission is accomplished, they would get rewards such as points, or more health, or a more violent option such as a weapon like a gun or a tank. Many people tend to deny the harmful …show more content…

If you see a violent video game player assault another person, it is difficult to know the direct cause of the assault. Was it playing violent video games for hours on end, or was it something else? The psychological process by which playing violent video games produces this result is not as intuitive to most people as are biological processes. People are probably more accepting of the idea that smoking causes lung cancer, for example, because it is much easier to grasp the idea that smoke going into the lungs, damages cells, and starts tumour growth. According to Brad bushman, a communications and psychology professor at Ohio State University, the link between video games and the aggressive behaviour is clear: “Over 130 studies have been conducted on over 130,000 participants around the world.” Bushman said that these studies proves that violent video games can lead to an increase in aggressive thoughts, angry feelings, physiological arousal, including increased heart rate and aggressive behaviour. They also decrease helping behaviour and feelings of empathy for others.

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