Violent Video Games Contribution To Youth Violence

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Does violent video game contributes to youth violence According to research, as 97% of 12-17year old kids are playing video games. The domestic video game industries earn about 21 billion dollars per year. More than half of best-selling video games contain violence scene. Now the violent video game has been blamed for school shooting, increasing the bullying, and sexual assaults. That is true. You will be more aggressive and violent than before after you play the violent video game, but, you won’t notice that. Although it is not true for everyone, ultimately, my point is the violent video game can contribute to youth violence. How could it be possible to let teenage crime by playing the violent video game?
Are they just playing the violent video game then going to crime. Yes, they are. However, what make this happen. Are those kids just mimicking what they see from the screen? Or have the violent video game changed their brain? Here is answered by Dr. Vincent Matthews and his colleagues at Indiana University. They set up an experiment for 28 students which they never have previous experience to play the video game. There are three steps in this experiment. First, Matthews and his colleagues divide students into two groups. Both groups will play the video game for one week. One group will play the violent video game. The other group will play the non-violent video game. Second, researchers will scan their brain with functional MRI and record it before they play video game.

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