Video Games And Youth Violence Essay

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Does violent video game contributes to youth violence According to research, as 97% of 12-17year old kids are playing video games. The domestic video game industries earn about 21 billion dollars per year. More than half of best-selling video games contain violence scene. Now the violent video game has been blamed for school shooting, increasing the bullying, and sexual assaults. That is true. You will be more aggressive and violent than before after you play the violent video game, but, you won’t notice that. Although it is not true for everyone, ultimately, my point is the violent video game can contribute to youth violence. How could it be possible to let teenage crime by playing the violent video game? Are they just playing the violent …show more content…

But everything is not absolutely right or wrong. The violent video game also has the good effect. By playing violent video games, it can provide opportunities for children to explore virtually the consequences of violent actions and to develop their moral compasses. According to a study, “The Next Level of Research on Electronic Play: Potential Benefits and Contextual Influences for Children and Adolescents”, by Dorothy Salonius-Pasternak and Holly Gelfond , Violent video game can simulate the moral issue such as “war”, “violence”, and “death” without real world consequence. A researcher at the Harvard Medical School Center for Mental Health and Media wrote about her research: “Many war-themed video games allow or require players to take the roles of soldiers from different sides of a conflict, perhaps making players more aware of the costs of war." By using these games, we can perform a “real world” to children and teach them how to deal with issues which happened in the real world. But violent video games have double-edged-sword effect. It can hurt enemies, also can hurt yourself. If you don’t control it well, you will hurt yourself. For decreasing this chance, you just don’t use it. You will not get

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