Performance Task One Project Analysis

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For my Performance Task One project, my group members Abbey Glancey, Rachel Lambert, Addie Hinkle and I researched how video games effect the growth and development of children in the United Stated Of America. Our subtopics included how video games effects a child 's brain, health, social and physical behavior, and education. I learned way more than I expected while researching this topic. I approached the process of researching by taking what I learned from the previous time doing this project and applying it to this new topic. I also did some things differently from the first time resulting in less stress. My group and I had many ideas on different categories to research, but we eventually agreed on something we were all interested in. While doing this project I encountered a few problems that I became frustrated with. One of my biggest issues was deciding what was most important to include in my essay and presentation. There seemed to be a wide variety of important information I could use. I eventually decided to use the most interesting information I could find. I did this because the majority if people already know the basic positive and negatives from overusing video games. My process of researching and solving a problem or issue was overall much easier and less stressful. …show more content…

I started to gain more knowledge on how this technology exactly effects children 's behavior and social skills. At first I thought video games only negatively effected a child 's behavior and social skills. My understanding changed was I realized the countless amount of positive effects that can result from attentively playing video games. These positives only can occur with time restrictions and age appropriate regulations. These changes made it easier for me to construct a counterargument in my

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