Group Report: The Curious Researcher By Bruce Ballinger

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My assignment for the writing 101 group project was to present how to conduct an interview. The information for this presentation came from The Curious Researcher by Bruce Ballinger. My group consisted of five people, we all would present this topic together. Knowing that we had a big group for a relatively small presentation, we had to divide the groups roles up very evenly so everyone could participate. This was the first thing we did as a group. We split the actual presentation of how to interview among four members. The four parts of the presentation included finding experts, finding non-experts, conducting an interview and email interviews. The fifth member was in charge of creating and conducting the in class activity that followed the presentation. When this process concluded, I was given the role of delivering how to do an interview over email. Most of the communication for the project occurred over the Groupme app. This app’s function is simply to create group chats with other people. It was very effective in being able to get the group organized when our presentation was in the …show more content…

This may make it look like I had the easiest portion to present but it was actually the contrary. Because I only had two pages of text to analyze meant I only had two pages of text to make my presentation on. This was probably the biggest challenge I faced during this project. Information for the presentation could only come from the text, so I was very limited on information. The result, I managed to create a slide filled with important information on how to conduct an interview via email. Picking the right information from the text was important so that everything on the slide was valuable to the audience. In order to do this I used RAIDS and SWAP in create my slide. All aspects of these two acronyms were used in the creation of my slide. Once I was finished with my slide, it became time to practice my

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