Hrm 531 Week 3 Individual Assignment

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This group of population was chosen as the target respondent because of their ease of accessibility to internet and the nature of company business which require internet access throughout the whole working hours. Every respondent was provided by the company with internet-connected device either a laptop or computer for working purpose. However, any employee who wish to bring internet-connected device such as mobile phone and tablet is allowed by the company as long as they are not connected to corporate network.
For a start, the researcher approached the Human Capital Development department of the target respondent, where he sought permission to conduct his research by producing a formal application through letter. The researcher was granted …show more content…

The target respondents were invited to complete the questionnaire and directed them to a brief explanation of the research. If a respondent volunteered to participate they were able to read the instructions and complete the questionnaire online from any internet-connected device. Contact details of the researcher were also provided in the initial description of the form should the respondent have any enquiry regarding the questionnaire. Data were collected on 23rd December 2015 from 8 a.m. until 8 24th December 2015. The length of time for data collection was considered ideal as it allowed a sufficient amount of time for interested respondent to participate in the study. It also meant the questionnaire was less susceptible to abuse by individuals, such as completing the questionnaire more than once due to the questionnaire being available for a longer period of time. Responses to the online questionnaire were converted into spreadsheet format at the end of the data collection period. Data checking was performed on the data set to remove any incomplete or duplicate

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