Scavenger Hunt Study Guide

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1. A beautiful woman with eyes the color of amber and a strong will to match mine.

2. Where I could go and hang out with my friends.

3. In the training session, Jamie explained how to access our new database. Also how to submit expense reports.

4. Americans have come to fear the West Nile virus. Because it is transmitted by the common mosquito.

5. Although my Spanish is not very good. I can read the language with ease.

Run On Sentences
6. The herbs are considered illegal and must be approved by the FDA they know for a fact that if people started taking these natural herbs their illnesses will be gone.

7. A trip to Possum Kingdom Lake doesn’t sound like a good idea dangerous wildfires have scorched much of the land around the lake.

8. Tragedy depicts the individual …show more content…

Mary McLeod Bethune was the seventeenth child of former slaves, she founded the National Council of Negro Women in 1935

11. The car was hardly worth trading, the frame was twisted and the block was warped.

12. The city had one public swimming pool, it stayed packed with children all summer long.

13. Crossing so many time zones on an eight-hour flight, I knew I would be tired when I arrived, however, I was too excited to sleep on the plane.

14. Anamaria opened the boxes crammed with toys, out sprang griffins, dragons, and phoenixes.

15. Interest rates fell people began borrowing more money.

16. The view was not what the travel agent had described, here were the rolling hills and the shimmering rivers?

17. Ray was fluent in American Sign Language he could sign as easily as he could speak.

18. Why should we spend money on expensive space exploration, we have enough underfunded programs here on Earth.

Vague Pronoun References
19. The car went over the bridge just before it fell into the water.

20. On the Weather Channel, it reported a powerful earthquake in China.

21. They say that engineering students should have hands-on experience with dismantling and reassembling

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