The Characters Of Robin Williams, A Tragic Hero

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The tragic hero is a literary device used to show the flaws of human nature; however this model can also pertain to real-life individuals in our society. For example, a Shakespearean tragic hero in real-life would be Robin Williams, a famous comedian who was adored by all. Essentially, nobility is distinguished by being upper class and having elevated character. In Robin Williams’ case he satisfies both specifications; as a child Williams grew up in a rich family and he obtained respect and notoriety by making others joyful . Additionally, Williams hamartia, or his fatal error that ultimately brings about his doom, lies in the depression that he struggles with his entire life. His fatal depression was caused by the destructive personality traits such as his insecurity and selflessness.…show more content…
While he did try and break these addictions and replace them with cycling, the cycling hobby was not enough to overcome his obsession with drugs and alcohol. In a Shakespearean tragedy, the anagnorisis, or the change from ignorance to the recognition of the hamartia, is not always realized by the tragic hero. However, in Williams’ instance, he does recognize his tragic flaw and tries his best to put it right. Ultimately, the Shakespearean tragic hero endures suffering or death that is widespread, as Williams does when his family and fans were taken aback by his death. Through the five main characteristics, the Shakespearean tragic hero follows a downward slope from nobility to suffering, ending in the catastrophe that was his death, which insights us into the flaws in human

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