Macbeth As A Tragic Hero Analysis

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Macbeth is Foul, Macbeth is Fair: An Analysis of Macbeth as a Tragic Shakespearean Hero In modern-day life, a tragic hero is an ordinary person who makes a grave mistake in judgement which causes his or her downfall, but does not necessarily result in death. However, in Shakespearean tragedies, a tragic hero is defined as a great literary character of high nobility whose tragic flaw and poor decisions lead to his or her unanticipated downfall and destruction. Ajsdhfjdhalsdhf Macbeth, the main character of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, fulfills the role of a tragic hero because of his rising status, the catharsis he provides for the audience, and his tragic flaw which leads to his unforeseen downfall. In every Shakespearean tragedy, the tragic hero is known to be either a war hero or a character of high status before the story turns for the worst; Macbeth covers both of these …show more content…

The progression of Macbeth’s rise and fall in nobility follows that of a story: Macbeth begins as the Thane of Glamis (the background), followed by Thane of Cawdor (rising action), then King of Scotland (climax), and lastly death (resolution). As Macbeth climbs the political ladder, the argument that Macbeth is a tragic hero strengthens because a tragic hero is made tragic partially by the height they fall from. Macbeth’s rise in power also causes him to become extremely paranoid that someone will kill him or try to expose him as Duncan’s murderer. This paranoia drives Macbeth to visit the Weird Sisters to force them to reveal his

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