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What seemed like a fearless soldier soon would have his life turned around by his own innocent ambition that furthermore evolved into blinding greed, need for power, and selfishness. This soldier was Macbeth, he didn 't realize the toll this had on his mental health and others. Macbeth had many distinct layers to him that he personally didn 't know he acquired over the course of time. This is what you 'd call a complex character, one who can 't be cognized yet till you fully get to know their mindset and thoughts. Traditionally this would be a great way to describe Macbeth, throughout this book readers slowly started to comprehend his intentions and actions . In one part of the scenes we can furthermore see through Macbeth 's words and ego. In this case Lady Macbeth was manipulating Macbeth into thinking he was less of a man for not Killing The former king to have the throne all to himself.In this scene you can see how insecure Macbeth truly is, he wouldn 't of needed to prove anything to anyone if he already knew he was manly.Readers could further understand Macbeth 's change in thoughts, by taking a further look into his goals, consequently …show more content…

In the past scene Macbeth is being hesitant in going through with the assassination of King Duncan.Macbeth has a moment where he talks to himself after he sees a floating dagger and says “Is this a dagger which I see before me/The handle toward my hand?/Come, let me clutch thee./I have thee not, and yet I see thee still./Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible/To feeling as to sight?or art thou but/A dagger of the mind, a false creation,/Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain?.” (II.I, 44-49). This shows Macbeth in a vulnerable place of mind. He is experiencing this as a result of guilt he has deep down inside. Macbeth is appalled for the reason that he did not expect to live on with guilt after the murder of The king that Macbeth and Lady

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