Space Travel Speech

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I. Introduction
a. Now let me tell you one thing, are you satisfied with how our world is. If we were to stop all research and development of new technologies, would that sit well with you? I am not ok with this because I for see a vast and great future for our nation and this future is set to begin in the stars. Our nation the United States needs to boost its efforts in the exploration of outer space and as well as be the front runner in this pursuit for new knowledge.
b. In this speech that I have written I am prepared to explain to you some possible benefits exploring space may bring to the united states and as well as tell you guys that it is ok to have great and big dreams.

e. Transition: If we wish the reach are goals we must …show more content…

III. Body I
a. In this day and age everything moves very fast. Some like to call this progress. If you stay in place for too long you begin to fall behind and as JFK said “No nation who expects to be the leader of other nations can expect to fall behind.”
b. The exploration of space will go on with or without the united states and if wish to stay among the world as a power we cannot allow ourselves to not take on this new great adventure.
c. We are obligated to pursue space because we cannot afford to fall behind other nations.

IV. Transition: Understanding that we cannot not fall behind is key but now lets set our minds to what can be achieved in this new quest.

V. Body II
a. With this new journey begins with us and our new discoveries.
b. Just in our pursuit in this new frontier pushes our scientific minds to new limits and we begin to discover new technologies and advancements in our own world before we even reach the stars.
c. We will begin to create new products from our own resources that are yet to be invented. We will become more advance and may find answers to some of the old problems we deal with in today’s world.

VI. Transition: Once we have taken off in space we are sure to find and organize to resources and materials for our existing

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