Annotated Bibliography: 'For And Against: Space Exploration'

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October 11, 2017
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Annotated Bibliography
Hanbury,Robin,and Piers Bizony. “For and Against: Space Exploration.” Engineering and Technology Magazine.The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2014. Web. 29 June 2014. Author, journalist, and filmmaker, Piers Bizony in his side of the article “For and Against:Space Exploration” argues that the exploration of space is not a waste of funds,and should continue to fund it. He supports this claim by explaining the benefit of continuing to fund them and their mission. Mr.Bizony next proceeds to show they ensure not only the improvement but also the development of technology, among companies
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Hedman in his article “The Politics and Ethics of Spending Money on Space Exploration.” discusses the appropriate amount of money that should be spent on space travel. He explains that bad decisions, low funding, and unpredicted problems, is the reason our technology hasn 't reached the level that the past expected. Many aren 't satisfied with the space exploration progress.He proceeds next to show what the space program actually does for us,like they provide us with the knowledge of stars,the galaxy and our place in it. Lastly,he wants to give NASA a boost of money to get through transition from flying the shuttle to the CEV(Crew Exploration Vehicle),if we don 't we would be giving the scientists a hard time on judging how much should be spent based on how much was distributed. “ In this article the author has a persuasive tone, for sympathetic…show more content…
The team believes that its not too long a wait and it 's bound to happen sooner or later. The Mars-One team develops a pressing tone for the ones who one day look forward to living on mars. This article is from a fact filled website that shows it is and can be possible for this lifestyle to happen, that which gives others hope and that will give them support.
Vertesi, Janet, and The Opinions Expressed in This Commentary are Solely Those of Janet Vertesi. “Don 't Gut NASA Space Missions” An assistant professor and NASA team mission overlooker, Janet Vertesi in her article “Don 't Gut
NASA Space Missions” argues that cutting the funds of NASA means that they 'd have to make adjustments

Dukes 4 or completely cancel some of their missions.She supports her claim by explaining how not only is the cut of money not only devastating for the scientists but for our economy.Next she continues to explain how the cut will ruin careers of some scientists. And Finally she explains how it’ll lower the number of the
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