Desiree: A Fictional Narrative

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It 's been five months since John received his amazing abilities. Flashback of an event of Angelica appearance and warning. Echo through his mind, it gives him an unpleasant chills down his spine. Is Desiree really that evil, wanting to devour his soul on the final wish? He sat by the lake where he cherish most throughout his young life, wondering if there a solution to his current predicament. He pick up a rock and stood up. Then swing his arm to release the rock, it 's ripples across the lake.

Desiree not so far from the distance, observe John 's frustrations. John display a characteristic of herself when she was once human, sad, alone and confuse. She walks forward and sat beside him. "Cheer up young master, it 's not the end of the
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"Please sit down besides me and I 'll tell you." John sat beside Desiree, awaiting patiently for answers. "It 's true that your second wish is granted successfully, but you didn 't give out a clear detail description of your wish." She sadly look down and continue softly. "I 'm sorry about your second wishes. The abilities you receive enhance your darkest desire to influence your judgment." She reach out and held John 's hand to set up a protective wish-barrier. "I have setup a locking mechanism. Just say the word, unlock wish. That don 't accidentally wish for something you regret later. You only have one left after all. My advice, use your…show more content…
"Thank you for explaining everything, desiree. I 'm sorry if I misunderstood you, but I don 't want to be cramp up in a lamp on my last wish. I 'm claustrophobic!"

Desiree held his hand. Giggle. "It only appears small in the outside, but inside it 's amazing. Come on, I 'll show you! Don 't worry, you won 't be stuck in the lamp until your last wish." John yell out frantically. "W...wait, is this even safeeeee?"

John 's body turn into a transparent-smoke. His new forms sweep inside the lamp with Desiree. John look at his surroundings. The inside looks alien, yet familiar. "Whoa...desiree, this place is huge. It 's like a whole new world!" John can see trees, grass, waterfall, but one particular things missing, not a single lifeforms found.

Giggle. "This place is amazing right, John? I can place anything in this lamp." She frown. "Besides life." Desiree use her subconscious mind to add a swing to a tree. She happily hop on. "Come on John, give me a push!" John look at Desiree. She remind him so much of Emily, cheerful and carefree. They spent hours playing in her lamp. "Ahhh..shit, Desiree. I think I need to go home, it 's getting late!"

Deseree laugh. "Relax, young master. The concept of time doesn 't exist here. If we go back to the real world, we
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